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Mission Statement:

To be a major contributor to society in Explorations, Dreams,
Discovery, Products and Services:
accomplished by adding value and experience to everyone so they
can realize their significance and possibilities; to help people
accept that there is hope and opportunity and that they can succeed
no matter what their circumstances: age, background, heritage,
financial status or present condition; to lead people in the area
of their interest and personal value; most importantly, give those that are in financial difficulties an opportunity to earn a minimum of $500 per month.

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This picture is appropriate because who would believe you could own a chicken of this size.


Meet and discuss problems, issues and solutions.
Find out how problems are turned into solutions.
This is not a pass your business card to others
and make appointments for a sale, our "Purpose Driven Network" helps with a process for problem solving and decision making to help individuals
and businesses to achive success in a conscious,
step-by-step approach to identify problems,
deal with the issues, and find solutions based on
analyzing potential risks and opportunities.
An approach dealing with goverance,
risk and compliance that deals with
the overall success of the individual unit. A collaborative approach develops methodologies that help you maximize your critical thinking skills, systematically organize and prioritize information, set objectives, evaluate alternatives, and analyze the impact.

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Get the gears turning, especially upstairs in your mind. The cryptocurrency world has been in place since 2008 and the gross coin market cap for cryptocurrency is $450 billion as of June 6th, 2018. This is not going to get smaller. Additionally, all the industrialized nations will be meeting in Brazil in July 2018 to establish their own cryptocurrency like "FedCoin" for the USA. This will be exciting.

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Will fiat disappear from all the industrialized nations as cryptocurrency takes the lead? I say absolutely. Why? Because there is more corruption in fiat that there has ever been in cryptocurrency. With the hardware designed today and tomorrow, anyone with minimum skills can print money.

How can you circumvent FRAUD? Blockchain. An accounting of information controlled block by block just like you do with a general ledger in accounting but with BLOCKCHAIN it it done with computers from nodes and miners all over the globe.

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Want to go on a vacation? Learn how to mine cryptocurrency. It just takes a learned mindset that is not damaged by the left, free of limits, with a vision that has your eyes wide open. Learn from the best. Buy a mining rig and plug it into the electrical in your garage and then the internet. It operates by itself and pours cryptocurrency into your blockchain wallet.

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Is bitcoin the answer? Well in September 2017 the projections were $10,000 per bitcoin by December 2017. No one believed it. Then December came and bitcoin jumped to $20,000 a coin. WOW. Then in the beginning of 2018 it dropped to $6,000 a coin. Today (July 19th, 2018) it is about $7,700 a coin and projected to be $100,000 a coin by December 2018. You cannot believe it but it could be $200,000 a coin by December 2018.

There are other crypto-coins. If you have not heard of "Kala" coin then do some studying. Today, July 2018, Kala is at 2 cents a coin. Projected to climb to $1.00 by December 2018. The ICO is over. It is being mined by miners that have the coin. About 6,100,000 coins a day.

You can get a mining rig to mine Kala coins for about $8,000. As a member of Nui-Social for $125 per year. The $125 is paid back to you when you register 3 new members. Your ROI is $140 in less than 60 days. Well worth it.
Now Kala coins is acquired by playing games, clipping coupons, taking surveys or other tasks that you perform on your computer. As you finish any given task Kala coin is dropped into our crypto wallet. Take it out, spend it at the store in Kala coin or US dollars. Or you can transfer your Kala coin to your Mining Rigs at Mintage Mining. Place the Kala coins into a contract and start earning compound interest on your contract.

Example: $25 in your contract equates to $12,500 in your pocket wallet to spend in 3 years. Find out how to do this, just click on the picture.

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Take your mind, put it in your hand, and look at it. Try and figure out if there is something that can be done to fix it so you can take your blinders off, and see what is needed to make a change. I know change is tortuous, but change is what is needed to take a new path whether or not you succeed. Failure is the beginning of learning what you need to be successful.


Have you been hoodwinked about water?
Have you been lied to about water?
Have you been buffaloed about water?
Have you been told about the true properties of bottled water?
Do you know it takes 1,000 years for empty bottled water containers
to biodegrade?
Do you know that the plastics in bottled water containers
leach into the bottled water that you drink?
Do you know that bottled water is considered dead water?
Do you know that some bottled water companies have been banned
in other countries outside the USA?
Do you know what is in bottled water?
Do you know how much it costs to drink bottled water yearly?
Did you know that 250 plus mayors across the country have
banned bottled water in the cities municipalities?
Do you know how much water is drinkable around the globe?
Do you know the locations of four areas around the globe where the
water has properties better than any other water locations?
Do you know what property is needed to
hydrate the body in seconds and minutes?
Do you know what property is needed to remove the toxins and
free radicals from the digestive track?
Do you know what property of water is needed to cleanse acids from
your bodies organs?
Do you know who the big three are in the water industry?
Do you know that over weight is caused by acidic conditions?

If you could learn all about water in one hour or less, would
you be inclined to attend a meeting and training session on water?

You see everything you have read so far is all about a "Purpose Driven Network" to bring the problems of humanity to the surface and find solutions that put your body on the northside of the health formula. 5W+H=K.

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Click below to join or get more information
regarding our "Purpose Driven Network."

The costs are minimal and are used to grow the network. Annual costs are less than $120 per year. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are minimal. There is a surcharge when we meet on our 70 foot world class executive motor yacht in Newport Beach California.


We need technical people that know about the properties of
water, electronics, metrology, electrical, pneumatics, mechanical, and systems
so that they can calibrate, adjust, inspect, and clean selective components
in medical devices. Training is available.
There are currently over 500,000 units around the globe and
new installations are growing at the rate of a few thousand per month.

We need distributors to provide Kangen Water FREE
to people that have medical conditions, homes, sushi bars, restaurants,
food processing plants, hospitals, maintenance depots,
clinical engineering services, businesses and others.
Training provided.

We need sales people to meet with the 20,000,000 businesses in the USA
and just ask for their business card and their best coupon, advertisement,
or promotional announcement they used in the last year. We then put this
on our marketing and advertisment circuit for FREE. When this works
for the company, we then take the company to another level and
strategize on what works best for them to bring new revenue
locally and globally.

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The connections with "Purpose Driven Network" gets companies in sky at 10,000 above sea level, with signs at that altitude that are 5 miles long, and the content of the sign is as high as the Empire State Building. Who does this? The "Skytypers." Click the picture for details.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you and invite you to your first meeting with the members of "Purpose Driven Network."

(949) 306-8503

NOTE: Bring 3 guests that pay for the breakfast, lunch or dinner and yours is FREE for 3 meetings. Available for a limited time.